Oakfield Fishery
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Welcome to Oakfield Fishery a mixed coarse venue with three lakes covering five acres set in seventeen acres of beautiful landscaped Buckinghamshire countryside in the vale of Aylesbury. The fishery is easily accessible from the small village of Kingswood from the A41 mid way between Bicester and Aylesbury.

The fishery is over twenty years old and I have been busy expanding and improving it since I bought it in December 2006. The emphasis here is on providing high quality coarse fishing for the match and pleasure angler alike. The coarse species present in the lakes include Carp, Barbel, Tench, Bream, F1 Carp, Chub, Perch and Roach.

Great care is taken to look after the water quality in the lakes, which in turn ensures that we have fighting fit fish providing extremely consistent sport. The eco system at Oakfield is well balanced and an ever increasing majority of our fish have been reared on site from our own spawning fish.

The current match record is 318lb caught from Red Kite by Steve Waters of Drennan in the Summer of 2017. Open anglers will generally need 150lb+ to win summer matches and experienced pleasure anglers visiting the site regularly have bags in excess of 100lb.

The fishery benefits from four quality fully tiled toilets with one dedicated to the ladies and another for disabled anglers. There is plentiful hard standing car parking for all of the lakes and clean gravel paths lead to well maintained permanent pegs.

There is a cafeteria that is open for breakfast on open match days (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) and the fishery welcomes match and pleasure anglers alike.

Adrian Phipps