Swallow lake is dedicated to day tickets 365 days a year. The lake contains just carp, commons and mirrors and we have gradually increased the size of the fish over the years with a policy of netting each winter and removing any carp under 7lb and then introducing a similar weight of larger fish. At the start of the 2020 Spring season the majority of the fish in the lake were 7lb to 19lb with every other fish being a double figure specimen.

The lake is more challenging than the norm, we all know as anglers the trade off between the size of the fish and the number of bites expected. The lake fishes best early morning and in the evening, particualrly on hot sunny days.

The lake is generally best tackled on the straight lead with pellets, boilies and meat all working well as hook baits. Regular lose feeding or a 'tea bag' style approach tend to work well. On warmer days the fish also tend to feed well on the surface and can be attacked shallow on the pole or in the margins later in the day.

Local Angler Pete Alland with a typical Swallow Common

Jamie Harper with a 14.6lb Common