The largest lake on the complex at almost 3 acres Red Kite was originally constructed as a match lake. Currently the lake is undergoing redevelopment in preparation to reopen as a specimen lake in the Spring of 2022.

The fish growing on in this lake were originaly spawned in Swallow lake and we selected a few hundred (from thousands) for their unique scale patterns and colouration in the Autumn of the year they hatched when they were less than an ounce. It is planned than these fish will be between 10lb and 25lb when the lake reopens for fishing.

Red Kite as 36 peg match lake

The image above shows Red Kite when it was a 36 peg purpose built match lake. The image below is a plan of how a remodeled lake will look on which we intend to have just 12 large pegs.

Red Kite Proposed Layout