The largest lake on the complex at around 2.5 acres Red Kite was originally constructed as a match lake. It was re-developed as a specimen carp lake and re-opened in Spring 2022. It has just 10 large gravelled pegs on one side of the lake about 20 metres apart, so each peg has approximately 1000 sqauare metres of water to go at. With a 40 to 50 metre cast to the unfished far bank and vehicular access to each peg, it makes for a relaxing day.

The fish growing on in this lake were originaly spawned in Swallow lake and we selected a few hundred (from thousands) for their unique scale patterns and colouration in the Autumn of the year they hatched when they were less than an ounce. These fish were introduced to Red Kite at between 7lb to 20lb and had never been caught before that introduction. We removed 13 carp in 2023 (13lb to 16lb, not the largest fish) that were some of the most scale perfect to grow on in our stock pools. The aim is to re-introduce these when they are 23lb+, while others grow on larger still and try and increase the size of the specimens year on year.